The Council’s work is accomplished through committees, which are comprised of NHECC members as well as over 50 parents, community members, New Haven Public School staff and representatives of other organizations that work with children from birth to 8. The work of the Council is driven by Our Mission and Our Plan. A retrospective report of the work of the council in 2014-2015 is available for download here.

Through our various initiatives, we carry out our work by…

Identifying the community’s need for services for young children and families.

Informing the community and our local and state policy makers of our capacity to: serve infants, toddlers and preschoolers in affordable, quality early childhood programs; address the health and mental health needs for families; and have all children enter kindergarten ready for success and reading by third grade.

Convening community stakeholders to work together to strengthen existing child-family serving systems, create new supports where needed and to coordinate these efforts across the City for greater impact.

Improving access to early care and education for all families, and with the New Haven Public Schools, make the kindergarten enrollment process easier for parents and the transition smoother for children.

Enhancing and supporting the quality of programs for young children using Council-secured resources to support teacher training and take advantage of opportunities for pilot projects to develop best practices.

Advocating for high quality learning experiences.