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To keep your child healthy, be sure your child gets regular doctor check-ups. These should include developmental screenings. Children should have regular well-child visits from a pediatric health care provider who knows them. Oral health is important too! Regular dental check-ups are another key part of healthy growth and development.

Having a Medical Home, where your child receives regular care and up-to-date immunizations from a Primary Care Physician (PCP) in also important. Mental health is also a very important part of healthy development.

Click on the links below for some local health resources, including state health insurance (HUSKY).

2-1-1 Child Development Infoline (CDI): 1-800-505-7000

  • Free and confidential
  • Information about development, behavior management strategies, and programs
  • Referrals to services
  • Advocacy and follow-up as needed
  • Help with concerns about general child development, challenging behaviors, disability, health related issues, and more

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center

  • Provides compassionate, quality, accessible, and culturally appropriate health care
  • Seeks to make a difference in the health care and health outcomes in low-income communities not well served by the current health care system
  • OB/GYN department offering women a broad range of outpatient obstetrical and gynecological services

Fair Haven Community Health Center

  • Provides comprehensive health care – from prenatal to pediatric, adolescent to adult and geriatric, regardless of ability to pay
  • An interdisciplinary team of certified nurse midwives, physicians, social workers, nutritionists, and outreach workers provide comprehensive prenatal care